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Vegetable Transplants

Before learning how to grow vegetable transplants, let’s consider why it’s a good idea to start vegetable plants indoors. There are several reasons for raising seedlings indoors before transplanting them… Read more »

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Pruning landscape plants

Pruning is one of the least understood practices of landscape maintenance. Before attempting to prune your landscape shrubs and trees, consider the basic principles of pruning. Review these considerations before… Read more »

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Poisonous plants

A plant is considered to be poisonous (TOXIC) if it causes chemical injury to a person who either touches or swallows it, or in very rare cases, breathes its scent…. Read more »

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Caladiums are tropical foliage plants discovered within the Amazon basin of Brazil. Now widely grown for their colorful leaves, they are used as pot, border, and bedding plants. Mass plantings… Read more »